About The Director

Erdal Murat Aktaş

Born in Ardahan and raised in Ankara, Erdal Murat Aktas started shooting short films at the age of 15. He also studied at Ankara University. He broke grounds in the tourism, entertainment, radio and media industries. He made different productions in 120 countries. . He loves adventure sports and travel. He takes part in social responsibility projects related to nature, education and famine.


"The wound forms a scab, becomes an identity."

"Life is a natural disaster that needs to be put up with" says the famous philosopher Kierkegaard. Indeed, the art of putting up with life is the greatest accupation of us humans, the denizens of the world... While the struggle to stay aliva lasts a lifetime , this struggle, for some people , is a tough test that they have to remember once again in every breat they take.

Ilhan Dogan! An ambitious and brave man who was chewed and spat out by life, went through the mill and still persisted to add beauty info life when life persisted not to offer anyting beautiful to him... Of course, life always rewards couarage. Life has blessed Ilhan for his honesty and hard work, despite hiss deep wounds, because Ilhan has surprised everyone by achieving unexpected success and influenced not only himself, but hundreds event thousans of people and changed their lives.


Erkan Petekkaya - Sinan Akdeniz

Meral Perin - Rıza Akın

Aslıhan Malbora - Holger Doelman

Nihan Büyükağaç - Robert Maaser

Ekin Mert Daymaz - Barbara Sotelsek

Vivien Lafleur - Serkan Durmuş

Mirza Sakiç - Christoph Jacobi

Kaan Maximilianus Kaiser


Cating by: Harika Uygur (csa)

Music by : Fahir Atakoğlu

Costume Designer :Nezahat Ünal Terzi

Production Designer :Burhan Türk

Edited by :Ruşen Dağhan

Director of Photography :Ahmet Bayer

Script : Gürhan Özçiftçi, Coşku Kılıç, Ali Dündar

Production Coordinator: Serçin Asutay

Production Companies: Ema Creative Works / Sak Pictures / Ema Film Barcelona