"Your Scar Becomes

Who You Are"

The story begins in a small village in Adana and progresses to a fascinating ending on the island of Palma de Mallorca in Spain.

Three siblings live far from their mother, who has disappeared, and their father, who has left them in their uncles’ house. An unexpected turn of events will force the children to leave their home and move to Germany where a stormy childhood awaits them. Ilhan, the youngest son, will become an enthusiastic and struggling child despite of all.Ilhan Dogan never lost the illusion of getting out of the comfort zone and knew how to stand up in the most difficult moments. Years later, he will become an extraordinary businessman and will have to face the ghosts of the past.

The first tokenized movie in the middle east

Who You Are


Casting Director: Harika Uygur (csa)
Soundtracks: Fahir Atakoglu
Costume Design: Nezahat Unal Terzi
Production Design: Burhan Turk
Editing: Rusen Daghan
Cinematographer: Ahmet Bayer
Screenplay: Gurhan Ozciftci, Cosku Kilic, Ali Dundar
Production Coordinator: Sercin Asutay
Production Companies: Ema Creative Works / Sak Pictures /
Ema Film Barcelona


"Based on a Real Life Story"

Ilhan Dogan! He is a brave and determined man who has been beaten by life, passed through the circle of fortune, and persisted in adding beauties to life while life insists on not offering him beauties...

Life always rewards courage. Despite the deep wounds that İlhan received, a blessed life in return for his hard work and honesty. Because İlhan surprised everyone by achieving great successes that were never expected from him, and he influenced not only himself but also tens, hundreds, even thousands of people's lives and changed their lives.


An excellent masterpiece shot in Turkey, Germany and Spain...


Starring Erkan Petekkaya and Sinan Akdeniz...

Trailer of Regardless Movie
Trailer of Regardless Movie
2:13 min #nevergiveup
'Don't Give Up', the original soundtrack song from the Regardless Movie
'Don't Give Up', the original soundtrack song from the Regardless Movie
3:52 min #thenotgiveup


A movie that teaches all the difficulties of life #nevergiveup


Interviews from Dubai Gala Night.

Regardless Soundtrack


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The First Tokenized Movie In The Middle East

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Reflections of the film in the Turkish media...


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